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Are the videos free?

Yes and no. Well, more yes then no. The entire site content is copyrighted to Patriotic Restoration and all of our videos are offered under U.S. Code › Title 17 › Chapter 1 › § 107 - Fair Use.

Seriously, are the videos really free?

(Heavy sigh) YES! and to keep their use FREE and to encourge others to create videos for submission we ask that you follow the Fair Use Clause of U.S. Code › Title 17 › Chapter 1 › § 107 - Fair Use.

Why do I need to register?

Registering grants you a couple of benifits:

  • Grants you the Fair Use license
  • Shows you what videos we currently have available for download. We currently have over 160 videos but not everything is available for download..yet!
  • Downloadable videos are in SD format at 640x360 resolution. By registering we'll have your contact information to send you any video at other resolutions if you need them.

What information are you collecting?

We collect the basic information to contact you and service your support requests. We also collect general demograpical information such as your ISP, IP Address and date and time of your registration as part of general web statistic

OK, how do I register?

Registration is simple and immediate. Simply click the REGISTRATION button on any web page or click HERE.