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The Video Project


This sylabus / PR Rubric was created by educator who is successfully using the project to teach not only patriotism and citizenship but also many aspects of producing multimedia & journalism, such as :

  • Timing
  • Proper Music associated with Video
  • Proper Lower Third Added
  • Correct Formatting
  • Storyline
  • Full Credits

Design Elements:
  • Camera Positioning
  • Use of B-Roll
  • Text/Colors- The font, colors used, graphics, characters clothing, locations

Technical Elements:
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing


Create a video of a local patriot. Interview them about their personal experience and include the partriot leading the Pledge of Allegience.

Patriotic Restoration Required Elements

There are two ways to do this video. Read the information below to determine what is best for you.

Deadline: Month DD, YYYY
Type of Project: Individual
Timeline: 60 - 120 seconds including the Pledge of Alleigence. All video should not exceed a maximum length of 8 minutes.
(Additional video such as the patriot's personal history, etc., should still be preserved for later use.) Audience: Veterans, Peers, ROTC
Other Required Elements: Introduction to Video, Full Credits, Correct Formatting

Assignment Information:

Choose a video and a way -- HUB Survey (Deadline)
(1st) - Regular Credit - Choose a video that has been given, these have been filmed by others following the Patriotic Restoration guidelines and edit it down according to the Rubric.
(2nd) - Regular + up to 10 points Extra Credit - Go to a relative or friend and record their story following the guidelines set by the Patriotic Restoration. Then edit it down according to the Rubric.
Edit the video -- Your.MP4 to Vimeo and Submit Link (Deadline)

Be careful of what you choose to put into the video. Watch the examples before editing your video.

This video will be graded, by the PR Rubric. The Rubric and instructions are available as a Google Document HERE or as a downloadable PDF HERE