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Who we Are

Patriotic Restoration is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 with the expressed goal to improve patriotism and citizenship in America’s youth. Today’s social and economic atmosphere has made patriotism and American-ism unpopular with today’s youth. This has the overall effect of leading to social discord. Patriotic Restoration combats this affect by re-introducing patriotism and citizenship to school age youth in a manner that is not only understandable but also engaging and acceptable to our youth.


Tom YeatsTom Yeats: Tom is the visionary that realized the need and conceptualized a solution to the problem of failing patriotism and citizenship among our school age children. Tom is an educator with 24 years of experience and a youth pastor for 15 years.







Eric BlaylockEric Blaylock: A retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant with 23 years of service to his country and 9 years’ experience as an educator of our youth. Eric recently completed his Master’s Degree in Education Administration.







How we will accomplish our mission:

Patriotic Restoration conducts a two-prong approach to restoring patriotism and good citizen. Our programs, Freedom Fridays and American Values Videos work in conjunction with each other to instill and promote what American-ism, patriotism and citizenship truly are. These programs are explained in-depth on our website http://www.PatrioticRestoration.org

American Values Videos: Providing free online and downloadable video/audio testimonials from patriots and veterans to use when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the National flag

These recordings made by service members and patriots and include a statement about what it means to be an American, serviceman, patriot etc.. These videos are made available to public/private/home schools, youth organizations, civic/service organizations and church related organizations throughout the nation at no cost.

Freedom Fridays

This program is tailored to each school district and public sector and sets Friday as a celebration of freedom and the principles that American was built on. The objective of this program is to have every school and organization in America observe Fridays as days set aside to do something related to Freedom, Citizenship, American-ism, Patriotism, etc..

Patriotic Restoration assists the schools and organizations with appropriate teaching materials, guest speakers, activities for in classroom participation, etc.

“We can’t all be Washingtons, but we can all be patriots.”
Charles F. Browne

How you can be involved:

Schools: This is where it truly counts. This is where we as responsible Americans have the opportunity to instill in our future generations the pride we have enjoyed our entire lives. American-ism and patriotism are not about supporting or agreeing with the government. Far from it, after all America was born by discord and conflict with the British government. American-ism and patriotism is about pride in and support of the ideals and values that created America.

Freedom Fridays in the schools combines the full mission of Patriotic Restoration as we enable the students and educators to create, film and produce their own videos by interviewing local patriots, veterans and first responders. It is through this mechanism that teaches not only patriotism, American-ism and civic duty but also teaches the core skills needed to further a career in video production, editing and journalism. Private sector: Companies, both large and small, across American are enjoying a rebirth of community involvement celebrating not only good citizenship but also American-ism and all it stands for. Freedom Fridays is an easily adapted program centered around the individual company. For example, one company may decide to wear company t-shirts emblazoned with the Freedom Friday’s stylized American Flag and their company logo thus showing their employees and customers that that company practices good citizenship and is a valued steward of American values and traditions. Another company may not only wear select garments but may also use a Friday to perform a community service or perhaps discounts for first responders.

Service organizations: There are numerous service organizations that already attempt to promote American-ism and citizenship. The American Legion, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Lions Club, the Rotary Club, Kiwanis’ Clubs are just a few that have programs dedicated to American-ism, youth and Citizenship. Our programs, Freedom Fridays and American Values Videos dove-tail nicely with all of these organization’s programs and can be used as stand-alone programs or incorporated into the Service Organizations proprietary programs.

Take away:

Patriotic Restoration is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, as such we are always in need of monetary donations. However, donations of equipment, services and time are just as valuable if not more so in many situations. For the past 4 years we have concentrated on creating programs that have value and working to formalize our organizational needs.

We are now ready to release our programs, fully, to the public and start the process of rebuilding patriotism and citizenship in our nation’s youth. To accomplish this goal Patriotic Restoration needs:

  • Video editing laptops for schools
  • Video editing software
  • Video cameras
  • Video editor volunteers
  • T-shirts
  • Screen printing capabilities
  • Off-set printers
  • Publicity/Public Relations ambassadors

I am pleased to leave you and your organization a digital copy of this presentation along with some example videos and look forward to working closely with you in the near future. If you wish to make a monetary donation by credit card please visit https://patrioticrestoration.org/donate/. You can also contact Tom Yeats at

Patriot Restoration
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