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Freedom Fridays

Patriotic Restoration’s “Freedom Fridays” Scholarship program

Freedom Fridays is a free program available for schools in America that would allow them to do something each Friday about patriotism. Freedom Fridays was designed by Patriotic Restoration to educate and encourage patriotism and citizenship, and, perhaps, more importantly, to encourage gratitude and empathy for patriots of this great nation. Individual schools or an entire district may choose to participate in this movement. Student videography, media technology, or journalism classes can use this as a project, and instructors may choose to use the rubric on our website under “Video Project” or design one of their own to evaluate student work.

Students will recruit patriots from their local community to interview. Veterans/active duty servicemen and women and/or their family members, first responders, local (state or national) government personalities, local veteran organizations, student military organizations and local people (i.e. celebrities, school employees) who are patriots could be possible recruits for interviews. Each video interview would conclude with the subject asking students to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance with him/her. Everyday, students across America are required to stand and pledge their allegiance but most students never make the connections to the reasons why they do so. Maybe it’s time for educators to lead students to make these very real and ongoing connections.

After students complete the interviews and edit the videos, students will find sponsors for their videos (a dedicated cost will be set for each video sponsor}. Local businesses, civic and military organizations, and individuals interested in memorializing one who has served our country are just a few suggestions for sponsors. Each video can be tagged with the sponsor’s name. These funds will provide scholarships for participating students and help to grow Patriotic Restoration’s outreach to schools across the country.

General Guidelines for Student Participation and Scholarship Eligibility

  • Students will submit a video interview of a patriot. The video will be edited to meet the following two criteria:
    • 1 to 2 minutes - This format to be used with private/public/home schools, youth organizations, civic meetings, sporting events, churches, etc.. This time should include the introduction of the patriot and his/her personal motivation for serving America. Conclude this brief section with the patriot reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This abbreviated video clip is to be used to encourage students to connect the Pledge to its importance in our democracy and the sacrifices many make/have made to sustain our freedom.
    • 2 to 15 minutes – This format is for the patriots to share their extended story of service. This detailed format could be more of an historical tool for users to gain insight into the commitment of the subject’s patriotism. It may also include interesting facts about the patriot’s life. This “rest-of-the-story” piece will be available to any users on the Patriotic Restoration Website.

Selected volunteers of Patriotic Restoration and educators of the participating local school(s) will review the applicants and their production(s) for the program. Creative presentation of the content as well as other specifically defined characteristics on a rubric, will be taken into consideration in the selection. “As an educator, I love that the program of Patriotic Restoration is helping our students to understand the sacrifices Americans make to keep our country great. I am excited that our students can make connections with patriots who are sharing their unique stories.” Candace Cross, Principal of Lubbock-Cooper Central Elementary.