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Our Story


Patriotic Restoration was started by two teachers from Texas, Tom Yeats and Eric Blaylock. Tom is the visionary that realized the need and conceptualized a solution to the problem of patriotism among our school age children. He has been teaching for 25 years and was a full time youth pastor for 15 years. Eric was fortunate enough to meet Tom during his first year at school and quickly realized there was a strong connection both in personality and belief that we could make a difference in our youth. Eric is a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant with 23 years of service and 5 years of teaching. Eric has recently completed his Master’s Degree in Education Administration with the intent of pursuing a career in education administration.


A non profit organization, Patriotic Restoration with the goal to improve patriotism in America’s youth. As educators, the task of restoring patriotism is one that touched thier hearts and they are in need of fellow Americans to accomplish this goal.


Tom and Eric have seen firsthand the lack of patriotism in classrooms, both have been blessed with the vision, and skills necessary to help improve this deficit. They believe through this effort they will make a difference in our schools and help servicemembers who need assistance by contributing to various military non-profit organizations.

We intend to do this by:

Provide video/audio testimonials to use when reciting the pledge of allegiance to the national flag. These recordings will be made by service members and patriots and include a statement about what it means to be an American, Serviceman, patriot etc. These videos will be made available to public/private/home schools, youth organizations, civic/service organizations and church related organizations throughout the nation at no cost.